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Compressor Valve Repair

Compressor valve repair is the core of our business. Understanding the importance of optimal valve performance, Deligans Valves, Inc. has put forth procedures to ensure a quality job every time. All valves go through our standard repair steps which include: a failure analysis, thorough cleaning, precision machining and lapping, assembling and leak testing using various methods to ensure a positive seal. DVI also takes this process a step further with our Valve IQ program. For more information see our compressor valve page.

Valve Testing Valve Testing

Valve Testing

DVI is set up for any type of valve testing that may be required including, but not limited to air, liquid and alcohol testing. All testing requirements can be customized to meet the customer’s needs.

Valve Testing Valve Testing Valve Testing

Valve IQ

In 1999 DVI started tracking the useful life of a compressor valve. From our findings we’ve developed our copyrighted Valve IQ software. Valve IQ is valve tracking software that allows us to set up detailed custom templates for parts, issue serial numbers for traceability, and help pinpoint problem units to help with recommendations to increase run times. Contact us if you would like sample reports (contact info here)